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Free shipping on all orders $49 and over

Nioxin - Intensive Therapy - Night Density Rescue |2.4oz|

by Nioxin
$ 38.49

Nioxin Night Density Rescue promotes hair density by reducing hair fall associated with scalp oxidation. Its formula is enriched with a powerful blend of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals on the scalp surface.


  • Leave-in treatment.
  • Promotes hair density.
  • Stops scalp oxidation to prevent hair fall.
  • Results in 3 months.


  • Use the pipette to take the product out of the bottle.
  • Starting in the middle of the head and moving from front to back, release one drop every 2–3 cm.
  • Softly massage the head, adding gentle pressure to ensure the scalp moves in a circular motion.
  • After massage, gently brush the hair.

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